Grasshopper series articles -Geometry

Twisted Box:

The model that has been “freely transformed” in Grasshopper is called “deformed box”. This type will be discussed in a future course.



The force field type of Grasshopper, the force field is simply a combination of multiple vectors, which is similar to the following thing



Geometry, including the assembly of lines, surfaces, squares, spheres, etc., through the right-click menu to get the geometry of the rhino

Geometry Cache:

Geometry cache, get the model in the rhino file

Geometry Pipeline:

Get the geometry of the rhino

Filters can be set in this calculator to get graphics, no need to manually specify model files

Group: Group file

Transform: transforming information

The transformation refers to: some operations such as moving, scaling, rotating, and twisting the model, and this arithmetic unit is to record these transformation information

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